How to Pack and Transport Fragile Items During Your Next Move

No More Broken Things With This Guide

No matter how much care you take when packing your belongings, there is always the potential for something to break during transport. If you are moving fragile items, it is important to take extra care to ensure that they arrive at your new home safely. Movers in London, Ontario can help you transport your fragile items.

Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap, packing paper, or foam peanuts. You can also use old towels or blankets to cushion items. Pack your fragile items in small boxes so that they are not too heavy to lift. Fill any empty spaces in the box with more packing material to prevent items from shifting during transport. Label each box containing fragile items with a “Fragile” sticker or label.

Movers In London, Ontario

When loading the moving truck, place boxes containing fragile items on top of other boxes and furniture to keep them from shifting during transport. If you are driving your own car, place fragile items in the trunk where they will be less likely to move around during the drive.

While driving, make sure to take extra care to avoid bumps and potholes. If you are using a professional moving company, make sure to let them know that you have fragile items that need to be handled with care.

Once you arrive at your new home, unpack your fragile items immediately and check them for any damage. If you find that something is broken, contact the moving company to file a claim. With a little care and preparation, you can ensure that your fragile items arrive at your new home safe and sound.

Also, make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy your new home once you arrive! After all, the move is just the beginning of your new adventure.