With Us You Will be Carefree

Every vacation can be stressful, and if you have a cat, the stress is even greater, because you don’t know who to trust to look after your pet while you’re away. Finally, a solution appeared, and that is cat sitting in Phoenix.

Since we have heard from many people about the problem of having no one to trust to look after their cat while they are away for a day or more, we decided to provide cat sitting services. Cat sitting in Phoenix employs only well-vetted people, those who are full of love and understanding for cats. Every cat has its own habits in its home, so your cat sitter will adapt to its needs.

At your invitation, we schedule a meeting with the nanny who will visit you and thus you will get to know each other, just as your baby will get to know her. If you don’t like the babysitter who visited you, another one will visit you, because the person who will look after your cat must suit both you and your pet.

Cat Sitting In Phoenix

At the meeting, you will explain to our nanny what habits your cat has: when it eats, where it eats, where it drinks water from, how often you pour fresh water for it, whether it has any special habits that our nanny will respect. The main goal of a cat sitter is for your cat to pass the period in which you are away as painlessly as possible.

If your cat takes medicine, you will tell the nanny at what time you need to give it and how you give it. Your kitty’s health and safety are our top priority.

From our website, you can download an application, through which you will communicate with the nanny every day, who will inform you how your pet is feeling, and you will also receive pictures, so that you will know what your kitty is doing at any moment.

If you need cat sitting while you are on vacation, just one click on cat sitting in Phoenix is ​​enough. With us you will be carefree on vacation.